vrijdag 8 april 2011

BERLINAIRE – a unique intercultural audio visual arts festival series debuts in the Vooruit Gent, Belgium, April 8th-9th 2011.
Despite of (or maybe due to) the tough history of the separation of “the two Berlins”, the city has quickly become a melting pot of cultures after the wall came down in the late 80´s.
A new internationally known and cherished gathering point and workplace for artists of all areas was almost instantly born. Musicians, designers, filmmakers, producers, networkers and other cultural artists choose Berlin and turn to it as the cultural capital of Europe. Both enriching and absorbing the local scene, they come to live here and become an important part of its charming, cosmopolitan nature.

Berlin’s club scene has kept and developed its attractive uniqueness and esteem for outstanding events over the years and seizes new trends from the past, present and tomorrow by manufacturing them within its dynamic community.
The cultural imprint of the past decades – treasured self-made parties, carefully selected line-ups, well chosen venues and concepts and the lovingly decorated event locations off the mainstream – are celebrated every day with synergies and dynamics that can be found nowhere else in Europe.

A hundred years ago, the famous German composer Paul Lincke devoted a hymn to the unique lifestyle and the vivid cultural scene of Berlin. “Das ist die Berliner Luft” (“This is the Berlin air”) celebrated the growing metropole at the turn of the century like no other. It became one of the biggest contemporary operetta pieces ever and inspired the name of the festival series:
BERLINAIRE grasps some of the basic and most essential elements of Berlin’s unique club culture of today and thus brings a real taste of this European capital of culture(s) to all lovers of contemporary arts and crafts.


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